Accident And Emergency

Accidents are sudden and can have fatal consequences if medical intervention is not made available immediately. Medical emergencies are also unexpected - they can vary from fits, fall injuries, severe and unstoppable bleeding and loss of consciousness to poisoning, breathing difficulties, sports injuries, head and spinal cord injuries, paediatric emergencies, industrial accidents, burns, injuries, cardiac arrest and trauma. Critical care provided within the 'golden hour' or the crucial time frame improves the chances of survival. At MGM Hospital, we are prepared to manage such emergencies and strive for the best outcomes with all facilities under one roof.

The 24x7 Accident & Emergency Department at MGM Hospital pledges to treat every human life with utmost care and promptness. Along with adequate physical facilities, equipment and stores for medicines and consumables, we have a highly trained staff to render immediate and appropriate lifesaving treatment. Further, our compassionate and experienced nurses deal with patients on an emotional level to provide the best possible results.

The hospital has an efficient and foolproof communication system within the departments and intensive care areas. Located on the ground floor, the Accident & Emergency Department is directly accessible from the main road for ambulances; the ramp assists the smooth transfer of patients on stretchers and wheelchairs. Well-marked and clearly visible signage avoids any wastage of time for those coming in with an emergency, day or night.